Nov. 28th, 2010

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Because [ profile] and_ed wanted to know what I thought of Supernatural as I start from the beginning, I thought I'd bullet point as I watched. Yes, this is me coming late to the party. *LOL* But one saving grace - I can find the seasons on DVD for a really good price. *g*

* Jeffrey Dean Morgan! *squee*

* Baby Sammy was the focus of the 'whatever' in the beginning - interesting...

* Jared was such a BABY!! His voice isn't as deep as I know it. He's adorable! And Jensen? Lord, does that boy have a mirror in an attic somewhere? He's hardly changed at all!

* Somehow I had the impression that Dean was the one that had to be talked into things, not Sam. (I remember watching an episode or two from the beginning, but obviously my memories lie to me. *g*) Yep, I've obviously done the role reversal thing.

* God, Jared is so lanky!

* It strikes me that what I'm seeing as the boys interact together is almost the exact opposite of how the present brothers interact. Dean is the um... inappropriate one as opposed to NoSoul!Sam. And Sam is the logical voice of reason, not Dean.

* I'm liking Smartass Dean very much. *g*

* How did Dean get to the spooky house so damned fast?

* Okay, was NOT expecting the burning Jess.

Totally enjoyed the pilot episode. This bodes well. I think I have time for another. :)


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