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I just got a long email from Julie - well, longer than 5 lines. *LOL* She had a visit with her surgeon today to get the rest of her stitches out and she gave me free rein to share with you all. She'd put it all on her LJ, but she's still having alot of trouble staying sitting for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. That should improve faster now that the stitches are all gone.

Anyway... here's what she wrote...

"I did tell you my legs are killing me. Reggie said it's the anesthesia that's finally working it's way out of my body and it should last only a few days.

OK... the good news. He removed 99% of the cancer. All I'll need is a few rounds of chemo and radiation and that should commence in a week or so. I see Wilson Thursday? Wednesday? And we'll discuss. Those treatments will get rid of the rest.

The bad news is my liver has cancer but it's in in the "good" part and an operation and some follow-up treatments will take care of that. Curci's looking at the operation part in about 7 weeks and I'll only be in the hospital 3-4 days. Oh I SO do not want another operation but it won't be was severe as the last one. It has to get done.


The liver cancer is not related to Marty at all. It's just a fluke I got it at the same time. *RME*

So, I think, all in all, that things are way more positive than not. As she said further on in the email, the professionals all say she's doing fabulously well and that's how she's going to look at it. She's very anxious to get back online and tell you all this herself, that I can tell you. And she's also very touched with all your good wishes. Keep them coming because they're always needed!

Oh, BTW, Reggie is the home nurse that comes to visit every couple of days to help Julie get settled with the stoma, bag and all that stuff. After hospital care and all. Her name is Regina, but they all call her Reggie and Julie likes her alot. The damned bag is, of course, far from Julie's favorite thing, but I think she's dealing very well with it. It's a part of her life now and she hates it, but as she says, she'll just have to learn to deal. And she will, because she's one strong and determined woman!

*HUGS* to you all from Julie and from me!

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