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I haven't posted here since September 29, 2011. *sweeps away cobwebs, dust and tumbleweeds* So I horned in on a Twitter conversation between [livejournal.com profile] glam_ang and [livejournal.com profile] glammetalkitten about how they missed LJ and how difficult it can be to squee and indeed, have an actual discussion in 140 characters. And being as I can be very long-winded, I thought it behooved me to join in their LJ Revival! :)

So what's Ev been doing? Well... I'm retired now. Early retirement at 55 years old and it's wonderful! Just not having to hear that damned alarm clock every morning is bliss. :) Now, you'd think that this would give me all the time in the world to indulge in all kinds of fannish and fun things, but the reality is I never seem to get around to doing all that I want to do!

So what have I been doing? Well...

On the writing front, I have been nerdling about with some original fic, nothing past the first few pages and planning stages though. I've been RPGing over at JournalFen in The Establishment and having a wonderful time exploring the um, ins and outs of a kinky sex club. It's also interesting and fun having writing partnerships. I wish more folks would join up. (The pups I play are Matt Bomer, Adam Levine, Colton Haynes, Anna Trebunskaya, Pat Monahan and Shemar Moore)

Fandoms? Well, I can't say that I'm immersed in any actual fandoms right now and I miss it. The Est takes up time and brain power, but there's always room for more, I figure. Hey, I'm retired! *LOL* I do on occasion read the odd DC fic - especially if it's Roy and Dick because they will never not be my OTP of the DC Universe. I've also dipped into Hawaii Five-O and White Collar. There's not been much on the rockbandom side of things that's interested me, I have to say. There's too much 'noise' over at Rockfic these days to entice me to join in - although I continue to lurk to see what's happening. (I also think that missing Julie accounts for my reticence there as well.) They just all sound so YOUNG for the most part.

What am I watching on TV? OMG, I must be watching All The Shows. *LOL* I don't miss Dancing with the Stars, Hawaii Five-O, Revolution, The Voice, Criminal Minds, The Shonda Shows, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Grimm and there are others that I enjoy almost as much. *LOL* AS for Arrow, because I know some of my buds are watching too, I love it. It's ARROW, for God's sake! (Archers... I love Archers... yes, Hawkeye rules almost as much as Green Arrow... almost... and Katniss is very, very cool.) I think Arrow is going to take a few episodes to hit its stride and I wish Ollie would lighten up a little, he's really not that much All Bizness. That's the one deviation from canon I don't like. I can deal with the other changes from the comics - Smallville taught me how to do that. *LOL*

What am I reading? Well, the past while I have been immersed in m/m romantic/erotic/adventure/mystery novels and short stories. There are some really terrific authors out there. As everyone knows, I love my romance, and this genre puts a new flavour into the mix that I find quite delicious. I have read (and as a result, written) things that I never, ever would have thought I would enjoy so much. As a result of this new love of mine, I'm also helping out a couple of my favourite authors on their porn blog. I am the Guest Post Wrangler for Coffee and Porn in the Morning, aka CoP. What that means is I'm the contact for all the guest posters on the blog, I schedule, format and upload their posts, and do the contest drawings. Heidi and Marie are two of the nicest women and terrific writers too.

Oh, my comics! Well... *g* I re-entered the comic world with the start of the New 52 from DC. I don't do Marvel hardly at all. ANYWAY... the New 52 offered me a chance to start from 'scratch' and not feel as if I've missed everything important. I was pulling 25+ books a month, but now I'm down to 11, I think. AND I'm behind. *LOL* I don't have the Tim, Damian, Jason angst that I get from many corners of the fandom, I think, because the only true Robin is actually Dick Grayson and all others are pretenders.

Have I rambled on long enough? 140 characters... PFFFT!!
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