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The last few weeks I've found myself able to devote more time to reading actual books - you know, as opposed to online bandfic and fanfic. *grin* And I thought it might be an idea to note what I've been reading in this here LJ of mine.

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I'm always open to recommendations of all sorts, BTW, so if you've got any for me, feel free! I read pretty much anything, although I'm not overly fond of intense horror, hard science fiction, chick lit, or Oprah's Book Club suggestions. *LOL*

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It's been a while since I checked in with y'all. I've been so tired and brain-dead that it's taken all that I have to keep up with reading the Rockfic message board and my flist.

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And I think I'm about yakked out now. *LOL* I've probably forgotten something vital that I wanted to say, however. But hey! I could post again if I did, right? *chuckling* Yeah, yeah, I'm going now.

*hugs flist* I appreciate all the encouragement and support you've given me through the beginning of this reno process! Thank you!!

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This afternoon, after Michael and I took a load of boxes and magazines (I have a fuck-ton of magazines, BTW) over to Storage Central and made a quick pit-stop at Walmart, we headed off to Chapters. I wanted to see if they had received the August Q - I wasn't hopeful, but just in case, you know? Well, they hadn't. July with the Arctic Monkeys on the cover was still on the shelf. But did I turn around and walk right out of there? HELL NO! *RME* I swear, the term "seek and acquire" CANNOT apply to Chapters, okay?

I emerged, $100 poorer a scant 30 minutes later. What did I buy, you ask? Well...

- The Police issue of Rolling Stone
- The GnR issue of Classic Rock
- The 100 Records that Changed the World issue of Mojo
- The second and third of the Raymond Fiest series that Michael is reading. The Conclave of Shadows. Thank God they were in paperback!
- Best Gay Romance anthology.
- The new Jacqueline Carey (thank you, Kate!), Kusheil's Justice. In hardcover, because I have the first of the series in hardcover. And no, I couldn't wait to get it from Amazon and add more stuff to get the free shipping. I wanted it TODAY. *LOL*

This is just one of the reasons I'll never be rich.

Back to packing!


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