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... that when I'm busier than a squirrel in a nut factory, I get all these ideas about the stories I'm working on? I have scenes playing out in my head for 4 - yes, 4 - of my WIPs, but by the time I can sit down and write, I'm too damned wasted! Grrrr!

On the upside, the study is just about empty. All that's really left in there are pieces of furniture - a TV, 3 filing cabinets, a coffee table and that's it! Everything else is packed! Now understand, not only is the study the place where my hoards of books reside, it's also the junk repository of the house - you know the place where you put things until you can find the time, or the will, to put them away properly. So I'm pretty chuffed about that!

I've also made progress on my bedroom. Lots of STUFF in there too. *LOL* And I've packed up the curio cabinet in my living room. 6 shelves filled to the brim with figurines and knickknacks. All packed! Whoo hooo!

Michael and I took a big load of boxes and stuff to Storage Central - and I thank God every trip that I bought my Tuscon! Bella carries A LOT. Anyway, after stowing the stuff, I decided why not stop in at La-Z-Boy and price sofas - because I need a new one. I should know better. Price. *snort* See... delivery is 8 - 12 weeks, so if I want a new sofa for when the house is done... gotta order it now. So guess what I did? Yep, bought myself my sofa.

But it's a TERRIFIC sofa! One end is a chaise lounge/longue - something I was determined my next sofa would have. And get this... the back... RECLINES!! So freaking cool - perfect for snoozing! And the other end is a normal recliner. It's SO comfy!! I'm getting it done in a blue, with a hint of sage green, almost faded denim colour. It's called 'Rain' and the fabric is from the Todd Oldham collection - EXCUSE ME! *LOL* I can say I have a designer sofa! Whooo hooo! I decided this time, to get something well-made and would stand the test of time. And I firmly believe that with furniture, you get what you pay for, so I was ready to pay through the nose. But nope! It priced out to way less that I was budgeting for, so go me! And that's with the two pillows thrown in! Heehee!!

And this while fighting the urge to immerse myself in that Billie Joe/Mike arc over at The Establishment that [livejournal.com profile] tasyfa recced a while ago.

But the packing is getting done and I still have two long weekends before I have to be out of here! And I think the worst of it is done, but don't say it too loud. *LOL*

So now... I think I'll go tidy up the packing materials and then make myself a pot of coffee and just chill!


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