Nov. 27th, 2007 05:42 pm
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So, Julie sent me this pic of Milo and I know there are other Milo appreciators on my flist, so... please, let me enable. *grin*

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I just finished the first draft of a 4500 word fic that may not ever see the light of day. Be that as it may, the important thing is that I wrote 4500+ words and finished a fic! It's one of those stories that eats your brain until you can actually get it out and into a Word file, a story that won't leave you alone until you tell it. And dammit, I'm happy with it. Oh, it needs some loving care, tweaking and fine-tuning, all that good editing stuff... but dammit, I like it. *LOL*

It seems, however, that there's a fuck-ton more of a story to tell. A character who has decided that HIS POV is just as important as anyone else's. Why did I think this was going to be an easy, one-shot deal? I didn't WANT a multi-parter, but it appears that I'm gonna get one.

I also discovered, that for writing this angsty-ish, introspective type fic, the music that works for me is accoustic Foo Fighters and accoustic Godsmack. Which brings up the random observation from me that my OTP's theme song is Cyndi Lauper's True Colours and that I really should make myself some writing-specific playlists for when I'm working on my fics.

Well, now I have a couple of errands to run and then, maybe I'll sit and play with the first draft of what I've written.

Season's finale of Heroes tonight! I can hardly wait!! If they off Peter, I'm gonna be SO pissed!


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