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I just heard from Bruce. Julie made it through the surgery just fine and is resting in ICU for tonight and tomorrow. Due to the HUGE snowstorm blowing through, Julie's mom and her son, Ian, forbade Bruce from driving to the hospital today (and I know Julie wouldn't have wanted him out in it either - we talked about that Monday night) so that's all he really knows. The surgeon's office closed up early, so he couldn't get any further info from them either. All we know is that we're waiting for the pathology report.

Keep thinking those good thoughts and prayers that I know you all are. We INSIST on good news coming out of this. Enough is enough!

I'll post as soon as I hear more news. Hopefully sometime tomorrow evening.

Julie would tell me to say that she loves you all! And *HUGS*
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Hi all! Got an email from Julie's Bruce...

"Problem found and corrected, patient holding up about as well can be expected -- all told, a very successful procedure with recovery well under way."

Thanks for all your good thoughts, wishes and hugs everyone! I'm going to try and give her a call, this evening or tomorrow probably, and I shall pass everything on.

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Julie's back in the hospital. She'd been suffering from terrible abdominal pain and having trouble eating and all, as you might know from her journal. So she went back in the hospital and they've finally diagnosed the problem. Scar tissue from her August operation was blocking her small intestine. So, she's going back into surgery this afternoon/this evening to have it removed.

So good thoughts and prayers and the like are very welcomed!
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I just got a long email from Julie - well, longer than 5 lines. *LOL* She had a visit with her surgeon today to get the rest of her stitches out and she gave me free rein to share with you all. She'd put it all on her LJ, but she's still having alot of trouble staying sitting for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. That should improve faster now that the stitches are all gone.

Anyway... here's what she wrote...

"I did tell you my legs are killing me. Reggie said it's the anesthesia that's finally working it's way out of my body and it should last only a few days.

OK... the good news. He removed 99% of the cancer. All I'll need is a few rounds of chemo and radiation and that should commence in a week or so. I see Wilson Thursday? Wednesday? And we'll discuss. Those treatments will get rid of the rest.

The bad news is my liver has cancer but it's in in the "good" part and an operation and some follow-up treatments will take care of that. Curci's looking at the operation part in about 7 weeks and I'll only be in the hospital 3-4 days. Oh I SO do not want another operation but it won't be was severe as the last one. It has to get done.


The liver cancer is not related to Marty at all. It's just a fluke I got it at the same time. *RME*

So, I think, all in all, that things are way more positive than not. As she said further on in the email, the professionals all say she's doing fabulously well and that's how she's going to look at it. She's very anxious to get back online and tell you all this herself, that I can tell you. And she's also very touched with all your good wishes. Keep them coming because they're always needed!

Oh, BTW, Reggie is the home nurse that comes to visit every couple of days to help Julie get settled with the stoma, bag and all that stuff. After hospital care and all. Her name is Regina, but they all call her Reggie and Julie likes her alot. The damned bag is, of course, far from Julie's favorite thing, but I think she's dealing very well with it. It's a part of her life now and she hates it, but as she says, she'll just have to learn to deal. And she will, because she's one strong and determined woman!

*HUGS* to you all from Julie and from me!

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I spoke to Julie this afternoon for a good 45 minutes! It's SO good to hear her voice and hear that laugh of hers (even though she's trying hard NOT to laugh because it hurts.). She's doing well. Came back from a visit to the surgeon's today where she had 50 staples removed from her abdomen and 25 from her butt. And there are still more to be removed next week. So, you can understand why she's finding it very hard to sit in a chair for any longer than 5 minutes even with a throne of pillows. She's tried a donut pillow as well, but all that does is pull on everything as you can imagine.

She had asked a couple of times about the size of Marty but because of the problems she had with all the prep she had to take (she kept throwing it up), it was really hard to tell. The surgeon held it in his hand, the surgeon assistant told her today, but it was all covered in the gunk that the prep was supposed to get rid of, so she couldn't really tell the exact size. Julie says she will keep asking, but you know, that's a fact you need to know!

Her visit to the doc's today was a positive one, despite all the staple and stitch pulling. She's healing very nicely in spite of how it seems, and they now have a really good idea of what kind of cancer they're dealing with and can tailor her treatment to deal more efficiently with it.

I told her that everyone had sent their love and best wishes and she wanted me to tell you that she loves you all and appreciates all the good thoughts and healing vibes you're sending her way. She so wants to get back online and do all the things she loves to do, but it's going to be a little while still.

So keep her in your thoughts, and before long she'll be back among us. I'll keep you posted until then!

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My big news of the day is that I actually posted a fic! Go me!! And not just any fic, my friends, a Metallica fic. It's up over at Rockfic and because it's a short fic - 835 words - I also posted it on my writing journal, [livejournal.com profile] evainefic. Y'know, in case someone might want to read. (Shameless pimping and I'm ashamed of myself.)

I know some of you are hoping for news from Julie. I can tell you that she's settling in at home, dealing with the after-surgery pain. I mean, this was a HUGE thing, lots of stitches and all, so she's having a lot of pain to deal with. She can't sit at the computer for any longer than 5 or 10 minutes max at this point, so quick emails is the order of the day.

I got some good news at work at the end of last week. Our job profile revision FINALLY got released. We've only been fighting for this since November of 2006 when we took over a whole bunch of job duties from a department in Ontario. And, thank God, we got our profile upgraded! Yep... I'll be getting a raise! And a pretty decent one. *nodding* Works out to about $120 a week.

Thanks to some bigtime encouragement from [livejournal.com profile] joolz82253 and [livejournal.com profile] cobrasnaps I've been working hard on the epic "The Saint Unforgiven"... "The Unforgiven Saint"? Not sure which sounds better, but... anyway... I am actually writing just about every day! And every day that I'm not writing, I'm plotting and musing and figuring things out. It feels DAMNED good!

And it's FINALLY hot here. I mean, it feels like summer at last! There's actually been sun for 3 days running, with 3 more forecast. For this summer, that's unusual!

Be well, my flisties! *HUGS* to you all!

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I just spent the last half hour talking to Julie on the phone. She's coming home from the hospital today! YAY!!!! She sounds really good. The operation was a total bitch and a half, and the pain afterwards... well, let's just thank God for Good Drugs, yeah? But she sounds wonderful! Tired after our long talk, of course, but she does sound wonderful! I'm sure she'll bring everyone up to day on her own LJ when she's had a chance to get home and settled and relax in the next day or two. But she did tell me that the doc got all of Marty (well, maybe except for those few stray cells she'd been talking about) and that she'd probably be resuming chemo in a couple of weeks when she gets more of her strength back.

It's amazing how reassuring it was just to hear her voice and her laugh. Bruce was NOT the best at in depth reporting. *LOL* But he's a man, right? And he did his best.

So Julie's coming home!! YAY!!!!

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Julie is doing well, Bruce says. She's looking good. Alot of pain though, so they have her on mega-pain meds which, of course, are making her somewhat goofy.

So keep thinking the good thoughts for her and I'll let you know when Bruce gives me more news.

Julie's OK!

Aug. 3rd, 2009 08:56 pm
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Just heard from Julie's Bruce... to quote:

The surgeon accomplished
everything that needed doing
-- she's in a good deal of
(the expected) post-surgical
pain, but I got the nurses
on that and it should be

Thanks so much for you
concern -- all seems to be
pretty much as good as can
be expected!

Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, folks! Julie appreciates them SO much!

Oh... I can breathe freely again.

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So I've not updated in the past days, been too busy hanging with Julie, working on the house and just generally realising I don't have to go into the office until the 13th of August. *grin* Vacation is GRAND!!

Julie arrived safe and sound, even if it did take her bus 2 hours to get across the damned border! And we've been yakking non-stop ever since, I think. *LOL* Poor Michael. He's not quite sure what to do with 2 mothers after him.

We actually did some demolishing at the house yesterday, Julie and I. We took down all the gyproc in the vestibule and vestibule closet. I'm sure Ben and Michael could have done it much faster, but it left them free to start installing the side door and side kitchen window. Today, it's the 4 front windows (2 in the kitchen and 2 in the living room) on the agenda. I can't wait! My windows are SO gorgeous, I can't wait to see them installed.

While Julie makes her famous Egg Salad sandwiches for the boys for lunch, I think it's time I uploaded the pictures I took on Saturday of the house's progress.

End of Week 2 )

Julie and I have been discussing paint colours. It may be a little premature, but I would like to get that settled while I have a second pair of eyes on the spot, you know? Michael and Ben are really no help when it comes to actual 'decorating'. I'll be able to 'borrow' the fabric swatches for my sofa, leaving the store a $20 deposit, for about a week when I'm ready, so that's on the agenda for the beginning of next week. We also (Ben, Julie and myself) have to take a morning to go and get the kitchen cabinets settled. We're going with Ikea, so hardly anything will have to be ordered, if at all. Once the windows are done, we'll be able to make more concrete plans.

So work is proceeding. But it's SO nice to have Julie here! We're having so much fun just hanging and all - and it's wonderful having someone to lean on, to discuss stuff about the house, decisions I have to make and all. Much better than just doing it online. *LOL*

And that's the scoop, folks!

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Tomorrow's my last day of work before vay-kay-shun!!

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And BOY am I gonna need it. *LOL*

Not that it's going to be all rest and relaxation - far from it! I have to put my sweat equity into the house. But at least I won't have to be doing it after a full, full, FULL day at the office! And I'll have my best bud up visiting and giving me a hand and just generally keeping my spirits from plummeting.

Yup, not only is it 4 days until vacation, but it's only 4 days 'til Julie arrives! YAY!!!

So... I took some snaps of the house at the end of Week One of Reno Madness. )

So that'd be the news from Mental-Reno. I can't actually believe we've actually begun after all this time!


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