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I have a fuck-ton of books. And a dearth of reasonable sized boxes to pack them in. This is my dilemma. I wanted to get all the books packed first, simply because they are so multitudinous, they are heavy so can go on the bottom of piles, and because it's the biggest job. So right now, I'm packing the 2 cubic foot boxes I have 2/3rds full of books and then topping off with linens and other light-weight stuff. This bothers my sense of order. *LOL* Yes, believe it or not, I have one of those.

The daily rundown )

I was so into my packing yesterday that I forgot about the live feed from Donington and so missed Iron Maiden. DAMN! I may not be the biggest Maiden fan there ever was, but I sure do enjoy seeing them live (well, recorded live - Oh, you know what I mean. *LOL*). Their Rock in Rio DVD is one of my favorites. And one day I will actually see them live and in person!

Now these pictures made my weekend! Look at the trim and fit Danish drummer with his curls and adorable smile! And that gorgeous boy of his. If you zoom into the first one, you'll see the ubiquitous Ulrich tongue sticking out. Heehee!

Batter Up! )

Now it's time for me to make my game plan for the day. Books, boxes, more books... AIYEEE!! *grin* Maybe another cup of coffee first, huh?


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