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The packing continues apace. Thank God for 3-day weekends! I'm in a period of overwhelmement (what, me make up words? Would I do that? Yes.) at the moment. July 7 is looming larger and larger and I still have SO much to pack!

I'm exaggerating, I know I am. The study is for all intents and purposes empty. My bedroom is just about all packed except for the clothes I'm going to need over the weeks I'm in the motel and various small stacks of books, magazines and comics that need to go in boxes with other books, mags and comics. And the pictures on the wall need to come down. Not only do I have tons of books, I have tons of pictures too! Art, band pics and posters, photos... you name it, it covers my walls. Last night I packed up about half the CDs and all the DVDs except for the few I'm keeping out because we (Michael and I) are still watching them or have plans to. The knick-knack cabinet is all packed as well. There really isn't a ton of stuff left in here to pack, except for my computer corner. As for the kitchen... well, I guess the most is left in there. I have the pots and pans, the cutlery drawers and the 'stuff' drawers to pack.

And I realised last night that I need more boxes. Almost 30 years of life takes up one fuck-ton of boxes, let me tell ya! Today, I'm hoping to remember to take the camera with me on one of the trips to Storage Central. If I do, you can be sure I'll post the pics.

I didn't pack on Saturday, because Ben and I spent the day checking out kitchen cabinets, counters and all that goes with them. Settled on a set of cabinets from Ikea - Ben actually says they're better than most of the mid-range cabinets from Home Depot or Reno Depot. And as this is a man who built cabinets for a living for a while, I do trust his judgement. So, I decided on white. And there's going to be alot of cabinetry, so it's going to be BRIGHT in there! To counteract that, I found a really nice dark blue marbley-patterned countertop. And decided that the walls will be done in a strong (not bright) dark blue... not that there will be much of them seen. *LOL* I found some great almost denimy-coloured tiles for the back splash as well so all that remains is to find something for the floor. Blue... especially denim shades, be they new denim or the various range of faded denims, seem to be where my mind is at for decorating. My duvet cover and shams in the bedroom are denim; the sofa is a somewhat faded denim colour and the living room curtains are a medium denim blue; and now the kitchen. *chuckling* I've created a flow-through theme without even realising it!

So that's the scoop from Reno-Central. I find myself longing to write, make icons, read, chat, all those good things; but having no time to indulge in any of them! For instance, my 'Other Side' story has no less than 4 scenes whirling about in my head as I pack, but damned if I can find the time to actually sit down and write them out. When I DO have the hour or two, I'm too freakin' knackered to actually create them!

Oh, apropos of not much, one of the bathroom lights went out. Why is that worthy of mention? Because the last time I changed one of those light bulbs has got to be at least 4 years ago. I changed out both lights for those curleycue energy-efficient bulbs. Before that, I was having to change light bulbs in there every month it seemed! And I ALWAYS keep the bathroom light on. So, to say I'm impressed by those energy-bulbs is putting it mildly. Since I started buying them - way back over 4 years ago - this is the first one that's blown.

Now it's time for my second cup of coffee and my daily reading in The Establishment. Later all!!


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