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Some folks have been asking for updates on the reno, and I realise I haven't done any in a LONG time. So I snapped some pics this evening.

The kitchen is almost finished - there's only the window frame around the front-facing windows left to do. That has to wait because we have water problems when all the ice and snow on the roof melts. *sigh*

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God, I want it to be DONE!!

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So I've not updated in the past days, been too busy hanging with Julie, working on the house and just generally realising I don't have to go into the office until the 13th of August. *grin* Vacation is GRAND!!

Julie arrived safe and sound, even if it did take her bus 2 hours to get across the damned border! And we've been yakking non-stop ever since, I think. *LOL* Poor Michael. He's not quite sure what to do with 2 mothers after him.

We actually did some demolishing at the house yesterday, Julie and I. We took down all the gyproc in the vestibule and vestibule closet. I'm sure Ben and Michael could have done it much faster, but it left them free to start installing the side door and side kitchen window. Today, it's the 4 front windows (2 in the kitchen and 2 in the living room) on the agenda. I can't wait! My windows are SO gorgeous, I can't wait to see them installed.

While Julie makes her famous Egg Salad sandwiches for the boys for lunch, I think it's time I uploaded the pictures I took on Saturday of the house's progress.

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Julie and I have been discussing paint colours. It may be a little premature, but I would like to get that settled while I have a second pair of eyes on the spot, you know? Michael and Ben are really no help when it comes to actual 'decorating'. I'll be able to 'borrow' the fabric swatches for my sofa, leaving the store a $20 deposit, for about a week when I'm ready, so that's on the agenda for the beginning of next week. We also (Ben, Julie and myself) have to take a morning to go and get the kitchen cabinets settled. We're going with Ikea, so hardly anything will have to be ordered, if at all. Once the windows are done, we'll be able to make more concrete plans.

So work is proceeding. But it's SO nice to have Julie here! We're having so much fun just hanging and all - and it's wonderful having someone to lean on, to discuss stuff about the house, decisions I have to make and all. Much better than just doing it online. *LOL*

And that's the scoop, folks!

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It's Sunday morning, closing in on 8:30 and I've been up for half an hour already. I just don't sleep well in a new bed.

Michael and I are now installed in our motel. The day from hell is now history. Not that the clearing and moving is totally finished, not by any means. But the HUGE part of it is done. Just about all the furniture and belongings from my house are now in storage and my house is actually echoing! *LOL*

Yesterday was incredibly stressful. Getting the furniture out of the house and over to Storage Central via Ben's small trailer was probably NOT the most optimum of choices. I'm actually thinking of renting an actual truck for when we bring the stuff back. Alain and JB arrived at about 9:30 yesterday morning and Ben arrived closer on 10:00. Mike's buddy Jeff had spent the night, so he was out and about with me, getting coffee and donuts from Tim Horton's, and water and Powerade from the IGA. Of course by the time we got started doing stuff, it was already after 11:00 because we had to do the chatting thing, right?

Anyway, I won't bore you all with the details, but suffice to say, it was a hectic, stressful, messy day. By the time Michael and I said goodbye to Alain and JB in the parking lot of the local restaurant around 9:00 in the evening, I was ready to drop. But I still had to go back to the house and pick up a few things we needed for our first night in the motel. Ben and Jeff had left the restaurant earlier because Ben had a longish drive home (he lives about an hour away) and they were both toast (Ben was dropping Jeff off at his house on the way.).

Here at the motel, we have an okay little place. Two actual bedrooms, each furnished with a single bed and a double bed and a sink (?). Now... a sink in the bedroom? A little odd, but hey, it might be useful. The main room is a kitchen. Big kitchen. Fully functional with a stove, microwave, fridge and of course, some plates, pots and pans and stuff. The downside of this is that there's only a kitchen table with 4 chairs and a desk with another chair to relax in. After about 15 minutes sitting in the kitchen chair last night, I decided that I'm bringing my computer chair over instead of putting it in the storage. My back will not stand it! *LOL*

As you can surmise, we have (wireless) internet access. YAY!!! I would have been MOST royally pissed had it not worked, let me tell you. Michael has his desktop set up in his bedroom and I'm sitting at the kitchen table on Biff, the little laptop. I think I'll be bringing over my desktop seeing as there's a desk here in the kitchen. There's a small TV in the kitchen which has minimum cable access. It gets all the major channels, but most of the specialty ones are in French which cuts down my options. Yes, I'm a big TV watcher, so this will be a bit of a hardship for me. *LOL* I shall be missing my Much Loud and Much Retro music video channels, that's for sure!

So we're settling in, slowly but surely. It'll do for 4 weeks. On the agenda for today is returning to the house (10 minutes away) and getting together the rest of what we want to bring over here. Setting aside stuff that has to go in the dumpster when it arrives tomorrow, and sorting out the little bits still left to go into storage. It'll just be me and Michael, so the stress level will be greatly reduced from yesterday.

In news other than the reno, I was able to catch Metallica as they played their set yesterday, as well as the jam with Spinal Tap. May I just say that I thought they were TERRIFIC! James sounded wonderful (okay, he cracked a time or two, but damn, the way he shouts? Not surprised. *LOL*) and the multiple shots from behind of the famed Hetfield Stance were truly delicious. And my drummer? I'll just say there was much squeeing and flailing happening. *grin* I really hope the recording worked alright on the PVR. Of course, I didn't have time to check yesterday evening.

Two more weeks of work before my vacation and Julie's arrival. I can't WAIT! I've had more than enough of work and will be VERY pleased to wave good-bye to it for 3 weeks, let me tell you! And, of course, seeing Julie is going to be fantastic! She arrives from PA the evening of the 20th and is staying for the whole 3 weeks! YAY!!!

Alright, time to get my head together and think about the projects of today. It's going to be another busy one!

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I remembered the camera today! Whoo hooo!

So... here's a few snaps of the place where my life is being stored for the next little while.

G'head... click'em!

I took a couple of close-ups so it would show how deep the boxes go.

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The packing continues apace. Thank God for 3-day weekends! I'm in a period of overwhelmement (what, me make up words? Would I do that? Yes.) at the moment. July 7 is looming larger and larger and I still have SO much to pack!

I'm exaggerating, I know I am. The study is for all intents and purposes empty. My bedroom is just about all packed except for the clothes I'm going to need over the weeks I'm in the motel and various small stacks of books, magazines and comics that need to go in boxes with other books, mags and comics. And the pictures on the wall need to come down. Not only do I have tons of books, I have tons of pictures too! Art, band pics and posters, photos... you name it, it covers my walls. Last night I packed up about half the CDs and all the DVDs except for the few I'm keeping out because we (Michael and I) are still watching them or have plans to. The knick-knack cabinet is all packed as well. There really isn't a ton of stuff left in here to pack, except for my computer corner. As for the kitchen... well, I guess the most is left in there. I have the pots and pans, the cutlery drawers and the 'stuff' drawers to pack.

And I realised last night that I need more boxes. Almost 30 years of life takes up one fuck-ton of boxes, let me tell ya! Today, I'm hoping to remember to take the camera with me on one of the trips to Storage Central. If I do, you can be sure I'll post the pics.

I didn't pack on Saturday, because Ben and I spent the day checking out kitchen cabinets, counters and all that goes with them. Settled on a set of cabinets from Ikea - Ben actually says they're better than most of the mid-range cabinets from Home Depot or Reno Depot. And as this is a man who built cabinets for a living for a while, I do trust his judgement. So, I decided on white. And there's going to be alot of cabinetry, so it's going to be BRIGHT in there! To counteract that, I found a really nice dark blue marbley-patterned countertop. And decided that the walls will be done in a strong (not bright) dark blue... not that there will be much of them seen. *LOL* I found some great almost denimy-coloured tiles for the back splash as well so all that remains is to find something for the floor. Blue... especially denim shades, be they new denim or the various range of faded denims, seem to be where my mind is at for decorating. My duvet cover and shams in the bedroom are denim; the sofa is a somewhat faded denim colour and the living room curtains are a medium denim blue; and now the kitchen. *chuckling* I've created a flow-through theme without even realising it!

So that's the scoop from Reno-Central. I find myself longing to write, make icons, read, chat, all those good things; but having no time to indulge in any of them! For instance, my 'Other Side' story has no less than 4 scenes whirling about in my head as I pack, but damned if I can find the time to actually sit down and write them out. When I DO have the hour or two, I'm too freakin' knackered to actually create them!

Oh, apropos of not much, one of the bathroom lights went out. Why is that worthy of mention? Because the last time I changed one of those light bulbs has got to be at least 4 years ago. I changed out both lights for those curleycue energy-efficient bulbs. Before that, I was having to change light bulbs in there every month it seemed! And I ALWAYS keep the bathroom light on. So, to say I'm impressed by those energy-bulbs is putting it mildly. Since I started buying them - way back over 4 years ago - this is the first one that's blown.

Now it's time for my second cup of coffee and my daily reading in The Establishment. Later all!!

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... that when I'm busier than a squirrel in a nut factory, I get all these ideas about the stories I'm working on? I have scenes playing out in my head for 4 - yes, 4 - of my WIPs, but by the time I can sit down and write, I'm too damned wasted! Grrrr!

On the upside, the study is just about empty. All that's really left in there are pieces of furniture - a TV, 3 filing cabinets, a coffee table and that's it! Everything else is packed! Now understand, not only is the study the place where my hoards of books reside, it's also the junk repository of the house - you know the place where you put things until you can find the time, or the will, to put them away properly. So I'm pretty chuffed about that!

I've also made progress on my bedroom. Lots of STUFF in there too. *LOL* And I've packed up the curio cabinet in my living room. 6 shelves filled to the brim with figurines and knickknacks. All packed! Whoo hooo!

Michael and I took a big load of boxes and stuff to Storage Central - and I thank God every trip that I bought my Tuscon! Bella carries A LOT. Anyway, after stowing the stuff, I decided why not stop in at La-Z-Boy and price sofas - because I need a new one. I should know better. Price. *snort* See... delivery is 8 - 12 weeks, so if I want a new sofa for when the house is done... gotta order it now. So guess what I did? Yep, bought myself my sofa.

But it's a TERRIFIC sofa! One end is a chaise lounge/longue - something I was determined my next sofa would have. And get this... the back... RECLINES!! So freaking cool - perfect for snoozing! And the other end is a normal recliner. It's SO comfy!! I'm getting it done in a blue, with a hint of sage green, almost faded denim colour. It's called 'Rain' and the fabric is from the Todd Oldham collection - EXCUSE ME! *LOL* I can say I have a designer sofa! Whooo hooo! I decided this time, to get something well-made and would stand the test of time. And I firmly believe that with furniture, you get what you pay for, so I was ready to pay through the nose. But nope! It priced out to way less that I was budgeting for, so go me! And that's with the two pillows thrown in! Heehee!!

And this while fighting the urge to immerse myself in that Billie Joe/Mike arc over at The Establishment that [livejournal.com profile] tasyfa recced a while ago.

But the packing is getting done and I still have two long weekends before I have to be out of here! And I think the worst of it is done, but don't say it too loud. *LOL*

So now... I think I'll go tidy up the packing materials and then make myself a pot of coffee and just chill!


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