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I have so much STUFF. I collect everything. Damn. It's in my genes. All my mom's family is the same. We collect stuff and we keep stuff - you know, just in case one day we need it. *RME* Which is all well and good, but when after 28 years in one house you have to pack it up. It's a fuck-ton of shit!

I tackled one of my bedroom dressers today. I have 3. I think I have every wallet I've ever owned in my adult life. And of course, because it would take me longer to sort and toss, I just packed everything in the boxes to be sorted and tossed when I unpack. There's really something wrong with that. *LOL*

So, I have to go into the office tomorrow. I promised my boss and the co-worker I'm closest with that I would not cop out and call in. I'd like to, don't get me wrong, I have so much stuff to pack and deal with. But I promised. So... into the office I go. At least between now and July 7th (when I'm supposed to be out of here) we have two long weekends. The June 24th and July 1st weekends.

So Ben and M.E. were here again yesterday to pack up more of Ben's stuff. He didn't think he'd left so much, but I kept telling him there was lots. *LOL* Most of it's gone now. Just little bits that I came across today and his part of the album collection.

M.E. expressed interest in my writing when we were sitting and talking after the days' work was done. So, I lent her Danish. I'm curious to see what she has to say about it. *grin* She has no squicks about slash, but about Metallica being slashed? Heehee!! Yeah, it will be interesting. *grin* Of course, Ben's eyebrow did the climb. Do you know that for as long as we were together, no matter what I was writing, be it Star Trek, Trixie Belden, Seven Brides, original fic, he NEVER read any of it. Oh, he was supportive and all, cheering me on; being proud when I'd get good reviews and all - but he NEVER read anything of mine. Just goes to show, I guess, there are alot of reasons he's an ex.

So that's it... back to the everyday grind tomorrow - if only for a day. *LOL* Then back to boxes and STUFF!!

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While I sit and enjoy my first and second cup of coffee of the day, I think it's time I finally put down in writing the things that are happening around here. *LOL* I think I've been leery of doing that for fear something was going to go tits up. Superstitious? Me? Nah! (Yeah, right!)

So, some of you know that my ex-husband, Ben and I were waiting EONS - seriously, years - for his father's estate to get cleared up and that finally happened so, the money was disbursed and Ben duly gave me my share that was promised in the divorce. So, I payed off the mortgage of the house and renovations were planned.

Here's the deal... )

So wish me luck, folks! Hopefully, I'll still have my sanity when this is all over.

And now I must make my plan of attack for the day.


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