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Okay, this is ridiculous. I have my winter slippers on - the ones that are like boots. It's the first time my ankles have been warm all day. It's going down to the low 50s overnight, if not lower. And it's still freakin' AUGUST, people! AUGUST!

On the up side, however, I did finally get myself a new mouse today. I loved my old one. I'd had it for... oh hell, probably 5 years? A Logitech wireless. But it finally gave up the ghost. I couldn't click and drag, nor could I highlight a piece of text any longer without trying for 50 times - and that's not a lie! So I got a new one, and it's SO pretty. Baby blue with lilies on it. If you're curious, it's here. And the best thing? I only paid $30 for it! Bargoon!!

I worked some more on my epic today. Chapter 8 is finished!! Whoo hooo! I may even get a start on Chapter 9 tonight. The past 3 weeks have seen me writing almost every day/night and it feels wonderful! Kudos have to go out to [livejournal.com profile] cobrasnaps who regularly gets out the pom poms to cheer me on and, of course, to [livejournal.com profile] joolz82253 who keeps begging for more. They're both great motivators and every little bit helps!

I got to chat with [livejournal.com profile] tasyfa on the IM today and that made me a happy camper. I've missed our chats.

Then there was this that made the fangurl in me squee ... well, like a fangurl.

James is sitting ON LARS' KNEE! I mean, seriously, have you ever seen such a thing??? Oh, and the other fellows? They're a German band called Die Toten Hosen which I'm told means The Dead Pants. ROTFL!! Thank you, Trinny!!! Made my day!

Tomorrow is the big Nascar Nationwide race here in Montreal. Big doin's around here, ya know. I'll be watching on the tube, of course, cheering on local boy Patrick Carpentier. It's supposed to rain, but I think, if it's not too bad, they'll just haul out the rain tires and the race goes on!

And that's about it for the view from here. I'm wishing all my flisties a LOVELY weekend!

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So here we be, the evening before Christmas Eve. And oddly enough, even with all the upheaval of the past months and past weeks and days... I'm right on schedule. *LOL* All the prezzies are wrapped and under the tree. I only have stocking stuffers to take care of tomorrow, which is my usual modus operandi. Even though it's in my bedroom and is smaller than usual, I have to say that my tree looks tres, tres festive.

Michael's at his dad's until tomorrow night - when I have to go out and get him. Well, that's after going to pick him and his little half-sister up and take them out for brunch. It's Michael's and my tradition, brunch at Boccacino's on Christmas Eve. This year, now that she's older, I thought Victoria would like to join us, she ADORES her big brother you see. She's all for it. We may take in "Alvin and the Chipmunks" afterwards, all things being equal - like no damned snowstorm. *LOL* Then I take Mike back to his dad's for THEIR traditional Christmas Eve supper of authentic British fish and chips and an evening of tobogganing before returning to pick him up again. That kid needs to get his license!

I'd love to do the year-end writing meme that's going around, but dammit, I haven't finished hardly ANYTHING this past year. This renovation is taking up all my energy. *sigh* But I do have a bunch of WIPS that I'm really excited about. The story I started for Biffno last year being one of them. My AU Metfic. My super see-crud project. And those are just the multi-chapter fics! I have another whole bunch of bunnies and WIPS waiting for my attention - including a couple in a new (for me) bandom or two. Hopefully a whole slew of them will see posting in '08.

Writing my [livejournal.com profile] xmas_rocks fic felt really good, despite the moaning I subjected a few people to. *LOL* I'm planning on getting more writing done between now and after New Years. I'm off all Christmas Week and then off on Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week for New Years. There's some prime writing time in there! And a plethora of drummers and frontmen vying for my attention. *LOL*

Work that was to be done on the house last week, wasn't. Ben managed to catch the flu. *sigh* If it's not one thing it's another. By this time, we were hopeful that the bathroom would be painted. But nope, it's got it's first coat of mud/plaster, waiting for coats 2 and maybe 3 and THEN I can paint. Maybe next weekend. God, I'll be glad when this is done and I have my house back!

I'm going to settle in to watch one of my favorite Christmas movies tonight. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Relax, drink some coffee.. the usual. Hope all of your Sunday evenings are going smoothly and are as eventful as you'd like them to be.

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While sitting here at the computer, enjoying my third cup of coffee of the day, I thought I'd just let the old brain dump out stuff. *LOL* I have to head out to do errands a little later, but until then I'm feeling a bit of a ramble is in order.

Ramble on, if you dare... )

Okay... brain has dumped enough, I think. Coffee mug is empty and I must head out and get my errands accomplished.

Later all!

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It's 1:00 PM and I haven't been propagated yet.  *SIGH* 

I should be used to this by now - we ALWAYS get things late up here in Canada.  Especially in Quebec.  Whether it be TV shows, new music releases, new book releases, the newest breakfast cereal, the newest flavour of Coke - whatever, it always seems to be available here after everyone else.  I am getting email notifications of new posts in topics I'm subscribed to, but when I click the link it tells me the post does not exist and when I go to the board directly from my bookmark, there's no message from  [livejournal.com profile] rockfic  in the Announcements forum telling me the happy news.

So I try and be patient. NOT one of my fortes, I'm afraid.

 There's all kinds of little things I want to try and get done today, but I'll bet I don't get to most of them.  *LOL*  Seems to be my favorite modus operandi - procrastinating.  But I'm not going to list them, because that almost ensures that they won't get done! 

Recently I ripped some tunes from my Nylons CDs into my iTunes.  Over the past year I had sort of put them aside in my rediscovery of the hard rock/metal genre.  I had forgotten how much I loved this music.  Acappella.  Right at the moment, I'm listening to their version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and I'm being blown away all over again.  Beautiful sounding stuff, really.  In the past, I've seen this quartet (well, the early line-ups) live many, many times - even met the fellows a few times.  Yeah, I was a Nylons groupie.  *grin*  Wrote them into one of my 7 Brides fanfics too.  I have their first 6 or 7 CDs (I have the first few on vinyl as well) and believe me, those CDs are well-played.  My three friends and I actually put together an acappela group to perform in our annual curling club shows back in the day.  I laugh that I can't sing, but with coaching and lots of practice, I can actually do a decent job of staying on key.  The Nylons' version of "Up On The Roof" is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time.  And I have to say, when it plays and then segues into "For Whom the Bells Toll" or "Battery" or "Some Kind of Monster" on the iTunes, it makes for a very interesting transition.  *LOL*

Okay... gonna go try and get a few things done.  *snort*  What a laugh, you all KNOW how far I'm gonna get with that.

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It's 4:40 in the AM here, so I guess I'll just go to bed and hope I get propagated while I sleep.


Sounds kinda dirty, don't it? *wink*


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