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Watching The Hour tonight, you know, the Canadian current events interview show with George Stroumboulopoulos on the CBC. And he presented a segment on the 'rules' of gay cruising across the country.

It's here... The Hour . The actual segment is under the "Gay Cruising" button, but there's also more... um... indepth stuff if you click on the "After the Hour" button over on the right side. Check it out!

Like I said... research. *grin*

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One of my little pleasures of life is my soap opera. And I only have one, The Guiding Light that I still watch almost religiously. And now it's pissing me off.

See, the thing is, Harley and Gus belong together. BELONG. I cannot stand this doe-eyed cow that's come from Gus' past and I'm really beginning to hate the way the writers are trying to set something up between Harley and her niece's paramour, Cyrus. Harley and Gus are the BEST madcap, adventurous couple. Where is it written in the soap opera handbook that good, fun, romantic, mysterious, adventurous, serious storylines can't be found for a couple that stays together, works together, raises a family together? Want them to fight, then have them fight! Why does it always have to result in a freakin' breakup that two other people are always on the sidelines ready to profit from?

It just pisses me off, because Gus and Harley are FUN! They belong together, end of STORY!

Okay... *sheepish grin*... rant over.

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While sitting here at the computer, enjoying my third cup of coffee of the day, I thought I'd just let the old brain dump out stuff. *LOL* I have to head out to do errands a little later, but until then I'm feeling a bit of a ramble is in order.

Ramble on, if you dare... )

Okay... brain has dumped enough, I think. Coffee mug is empty and I must head out and get my errands accomplished.

Later all!


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