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Some folks have been asking for updates on the reno, and I realise I haven't done any in a LONG time. So I snapped some pics this evening.

The kitchen is almost finished - there's only the window frame around the front-facing windows left to do. That has to wait because we have water problems when all the ice and snow on the roof melts. *sigh*

Pics under the cut )

God, I want it to be DONE!!

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I'm so glad I took my birthday off. Winter has hit us and I'm EXTREMELY pleased not to have be driving in this stuff.

Here's the view from the front of my house... )

... along with two CDs that were on my wish list - State of Shock's Life, Love & Lies and Mika's Life in Cartoon Motion. I discovered State of Shock (Canadian band out of Vancouver) this past spring and have been looking forward to this, their second album. And Mika, well, he just makes me smile and that's good!

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This just in!

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The newest little Ulrich. He's got his dad's disgruntled look down perfectly! *LOL* Apparently this is from some point during the Sick of The Studio '07 tour.

It's GONE!!

Sep. 9th, 2007 10:36 pm
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This has made my day, hell, my WEEK! It's from MetClub and is dated August 27, 2007.

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Please note the absence of straggly chin moss. *GRIN*

Reno Update

Sep. 1st, 2007 08:34 pm
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It's been a while since I posted anything about the renovation. I've taken some pictures of work that's been done up until now, so if you're interested, just follow the cut!

This way to Reno Madness... )

So that's where we are at the moment. Things are finally beginning to be constructed. There's been a lot of plumbing and electrical work done, but that doesn't make for very good pictures. *LOL* The new kitchen cabinets are scheduled to arrive on the 17th and then the fun will really begin! *LOL* Lots to do before then though. Floor to lay, walls to repair and paint, more electrical wiring to be brought in. The fun never ends!


Jun. 29th, 2007 07:03 pm
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I NEED the August issue of Q NOW! God, oh GOD, why are the best music mags published over in the UK???

*melts into a little puddle on the floor*

I'm so dead...

I'll even let him keep the hat... )
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And here we go... been busy with the VLC player. *grin* Some of them aren't the greatest, I'm sure someone with more experience with screen capping will come up with better shots, but... for now? These are okay.

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*happy sigh* Pretty boys!

Tatt Alert!

Dec. 3rd, 2006 06:28 pm
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So here's the first piccie of my writing dragon. I just LOVE him and I can't thank Andy enough for designing him for me. Anam, my little tattoo artist had a great time inking him and it wasn't too painful at all! I little owwie up near the top of his wings, but not even enough to make my eyes water.

Piccies be here... )

The Chinese should be here soon! Hope so, 'cause I'm STARVING!
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So... what did I do today? Well, after waking up just before 2:00 - yes, that's right, two o'freakin'clock. *RME* - I made coffee and opened my email.

WOW!!! I had a ton of reviews from [livejournal.com profile] tasyfa for my work posted at Rockfic. To say they made me feel warm and fuzzy and all is an understatement. I'm always shocked when someone likes my work. I know, it's crazy, but there you go. It inspires me too. So thank you again, Tas! I'm still grinning.

Decided it was time to pay the bills. ICK! Damn, that money has GOT to come soon. I know the ex is in as bad a shape as I am, so maybe if we both light candles and chant mantras the damned provincial government will finish processing the damned inheritance stuff. *SIGH*

I indulged in one of my favorite guilty pleasures this aft. A feel good movie. Dreamer, the story of a racehorse who almost had to be put down for a broken leg and came back thanks to the love and faith of a young girl and her father and grandfather. Kurt Russell and Kris Kristofferson. YUM!! It was an enjoyable couple of hours. I'm such a sucker for warm and fuzzy.

Speaking of enjoyable... g'head, click it...

Is that not a pretty sight! *happy sigh*

Okay, I think I have to think about something for supper. Rice maybe. I'm on a rice kick for some reason. Later fellow babies!

*hugs her flist*

Old Photos

Sep. 30th, 2006 07:01 pm
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I was doing some much-needed cleaning up in the study and came across some old family photos. I posted them at Rockfic, but since I have a couple of folks on my flist who don't hang out there, I thought I'd share here too.

Here's my son, Michael as he looks today...

And here he is 17 years ago. Awwwww!

And this is a pic of my Dad and me on the occasion of my First Communion, way way back in 1963. The stone ages! *LOL*

Ah... memories. *grin*

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Yippeee!  The 'Tallica boys are in the studio, taping their voices for an upcoming Simpson's episode to be aired in May of next year.  It's wonderful to see them out and about (to be Canadian about it.  *LOL*) - now, if they'd only get into the studio!

Bad Metclub member that I am, I cheesed some pics.  I'm gonna put it in here because - well - *LOL* - it makes me feel less guilty.  Damned Roman Catholic upbringing! 

Dear me, I'm liking my Lars with his beard and 'stache!  He looks cuddly!  But I see... *sigh*... James is still overly fond of the motor oil in his hair.  AND the hamster on his chin.  Still a handsome piece of work though, ain't he?  Kirk and Tru are looking buff as well!


Sep. 17th, 2005 06:14 pm
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I'm still not propagated!  I'm starting to feel left out and ignored and very sorry for myself.  *sigh*

Who can I call?  There's gotta be someone I can yell at.  *LOL* 

Well I spent the afternoon scanning pics - and I have some treats for my fellow board members, but I can't put 'em up until I freaking get PROPAGATED!  Jeez!! 

So, just 'cause I can...


Ah well, guess I'd better figure out what I'm gonna serve Michael and his buddy for supper.  How thrilling.  *RME*  Oh... I have to go and check on my laundry too.  Yes, I did get a few things on my list done - or at least started.  *grin*




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